9 Veterans Explore Opportunities

Having obtained funding to run a volunteers’ training expedition we recruited nine veterans to take part.
The expedition began with travel from Fort William to Inverness was by canoe with a support boat and a support vehicle on the road to move gear to campsites along the way. Briefing and de-briefing was at Brathay Hall, Ambleside. The group was organised and supported by two Brathay staff members.

“I didn’t know what to expect before commencing the expedition. I found it to be a thrilling experience in all aspects. The background was majestic. During the trip I was able to cement friendships and make new bonds that I know will last because of this experience. The way the whole week was planned was meticulous and carried out by the staff team in an exceptional manner. This was by far my best trip away so I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Brathay for making it possible.” PL

Brathay Trust works primarily with children, young people and families to help them unlock their potential and improve their well-being. We work with them in their communities and at our residential centres in the Lake District. For over 10 years we’ve also been working with veterans’ charity F4H to support ex-service personnel to consider their futures, manage stress, encourage awareness of their talents
and gain a better understanding of the skills and qualities they gained during their military careers.

Our aim has been to tie these two threads of our work together by training F4H veterans to become volunteers on expeditions with young people. In particular, a canoe based expedition down the Great Glen from Fort William to Inverness.

The benefits of this would be:

  • Using volunteers alongside paid staff would reduce the cost of expeditions making them more
  • It would provide the veterans with a fulfilling volunteering opportunity that might also lead them into
    new careers and provide personal development.

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