Growing Tomorrow’s Leaders

On a glorious Monday in September, most of Allithwaite School headed to Castle Head Outdoor Centre for a day of exciting activities together to foster team-work and responsibility.

When we first arrived, we played four different team games in our House Teams. During Lava Flow, some groups worked quickly together to pass the mats along whilst others were clever and overlapped the mats to stop anyone burning in the lava! Playing human knots we were all tied together by our hands, so we had to be responsible not to hurt each other. We thought Spider’s Web was funny, having to lift each other up and squeeze through the web without waking up the giant spider! It was also scary if you were lifted, thinking you might be dropped. You needed to be really careful or you could drop someone, but it was exciting lifting struggling younger children. Marble Run was really hard and we had to work together to keep the ball rolling but not drop it.

In all the House Team activities, we had to trust each other and communicate well.

During canoeing, we had to work together to turn the boat if we got caught in the reeds and to move in a straight line! When we got stuck it felt scary but we were always able to escape. As we played the game collecting the bath toys, it was fun but challenging trying to race and turn quickly before everyone else.

The builders in the crate stacking had to be very careful or the whole tower could fall down. It was hard with a partner if your ropes got tangled and sometimes you were lifted really high. The crate stackers were responsible for building a sturdy tower for the climbers to step on.

At the wobble pole, everyone had to find the courage to jump off. We were worried sometimes that the rope wasn’t tight enough but the instructors were reassuring.

The whole day was full of exciting fun activities. Everyone was energetic, enthusiastic and agreed it was one of the best days out ever with school. We were all exhausted as we headed home but with heads full of lovely memories of our time together.


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James, Joe, Abigail, Alfie, Bo, Naomi, Noah, Rosie & Robbie


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