People like me don’t get to do this stuff!

This summer 45 disadvantaged young people got to have a day out of Carlisle, a chance to be inspired and experience something otherwise unaffordable.

Michelle Jurd Trust funding paid for accommodation, tickets, travel arrangements, food, and drinks.

Trips included:

  • Men’s Finals day at Wimbledon
  • West End Theatre workshops
  • BBC Media City
  • Seaside day out
  • Team GB BMX cycle track

Chris is 15 and lives in a care home, before this summer he had never left Carlisle and struggled to make friends.

Chris got to go on a stayover trip to Wimbledon on Men’s Finals day with a group of 5 others.

The trip really boosted his self-esteem. Chris constantly remarked that he couldn’t believe he was at Wimbledon, telling one youth worker that “people like me don’t get to do this stuff”.

Since returning to Carlisle Chris is now good friends with the others in the group and is talking optimistically about his future.


“people like me don’t get to do this stuff”. 


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