EVERYONE DESERVES Joy of Outdoor Adventure. To Live with Dignity. Proudly enabling more adventures for Cumbria’s youth & ex-service personnel SUPPORTING OUR EX-MILITARY PERSONNEL Retraining to Lead Adventurous Learning For Children in Cumbria Helping Them Learn to Use Their Skills Differently ENCOURAGING YOUNG PEOPLE IN CUMBRIA TO Participate in More Adventures. Experience More Culture. Helping to maximise the opportunities available to them.

Changing aspiration through Adventure.

When we exert ourselves physically and mentally, we discover our true inner strength to overcome life’s challenges and obstacles. Connecting our young people and ex-service people through adventure, they each discover new skills and realise the transferability of existing skills, which is where the real magic happens and the catalyst for growth truly begins.

People like me don’t get to do this stuff!

This summer 45 disadvantaged young people got to have a day out of Carlisle, a chance to be inspired and experience something otherwise unaffordable. Michelle Jurd Trust funding paid for accommodation, tickets, travel arrangements, food,

9 Veterans Explore Opportunities

Having obtained funding to run a volunteers’ training expedition we recruited nine veterans to take part. The expedition began with travel from Fort William to Inverness was by canoe with a support boat and a

Friendship, Loyalty, Trust, Courage and Self-reliance

Allithwaite C E School has been involved with the Michelle Jurd Trust for at least 6 years and have benefitted significantly through the funds donated by the Trust. Allithwaite children have benefitted from many adventure

Encouraging Team-Work and Confidence with

At the heart of QES, is our Learning Support Department, which plays a very special role within school life for many pupils. The aim of the department is to help students develop socially and emotionally

45 Youngsters. 11 Adventures. Lifetime of Inspiration.

Across the summer 45 young people did something (or a couple of somethings) they had never done before. With funding from the Michelle Jurd Trust, contributing towards accommodation, tickets, travel arrangements, food, drinks and so

Growing Tomorrow’s Leaders

On a glorious Monday in September, most of Allithwaite School headed to Castle Head Outdoor Centre for a day of exciting activities together to foster team-work and responsibility. When we first arrived, we played four

Discover how we are making an Impact in Cumbria



As the Michelle Jurd Trust celebrates it’s 10th Anniversary, we stop to take stock; to realign our mission; to remember why we started, and where we want to go. And we’re very clear - we need to be increasing the number of opportunities for adventure and exploration to the young people and veterans of Cumbria.

Developing Cumbrian Schools


Helping to mould and develop young minds by broadening their horizons and enhancing their childhoods through adventure.

Supporting Young People


Enabling more young people to participate in social and cultural activities, helping them build confidence and broaden their horizons. 

Reskilling Ex-Service People


Creating positive life impact with ex-service people and their families in Cumbria, ensuring they thrive, not just survive.

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